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Cassiopeia is a singer who appears in the episode "They Stole Dodgers' Brain".

She is voiced by Jane Wiedlin.


Cassiopeia has fair skin and long flowing blonde hair that is tied at the end.

She wears a pink gogo dress with long matching gloves and boots.


Not much is known about Cassiopeia, but she seems mostly nice. However, after her experience with Dodgers, she is furious at him. They do make up however, and is shown to be happy while listening to him.


Cassiopeia is a pop star who one night was singing at the Nite Lite club. As Dodgers hears her performance of her song "Space Angel", he is entranced by her throughout. After her performance, he slips in her in her dressing room for a visit, but she wants him to go away because his breath is stinky and she was scared that there was a giant duck, speaking English, trying to make her be his girlfriend. When she is backing away from him, her hair accidentally falls into a candle on her table, setting it on fire. Dodgers tries to put it out by grabbing the closest thing, which happened to be a jar of leeches in water. At the end of Cassiopeia calls the security forces in order to keep them away from her Dodgers. After Dodgers gets his brain replaced with Commander X-2's mechanical mind, he comes out of the bathroom. She is furious with him at first, but his new intelligence tells her that the leeches blood flow is actually beneficial for the skin, she forgives him.

As the Martian Commander X-2 enters Dodgers' mind that he has just stolen, he encountered Dodgers' memories of Cassiopeia.


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