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Dr I.Q. High creates a device that can detoxify a person from everything from physical ailments to bad personality traits. He tests it on Captain Star Johnson and Dodger, which eventually causes Dodger to be turned into a well-muscular, highly disciplined, competent and model Space Captain. The transformation causes everyone to unable to recognize Dodger to the drastic change in personality and appearance. After disposing a group of space criminal, Dodger informs the Martians that he will no longer take nap and warn them that he will always looking for them, causing the Martian Queen to dismay that Dodger now posing even more threat to the Martians.

Initially, I.Q High enjoys Dodger's newfound competency and high scene of duty but things start to go awry when he realizes that Dodger has become too overzealous in his duty as he starts taking over his jobs. Furthermore, Dodger has become extremely disdain toward human bad behavior, causing him to go to war with laziness in which he goes from house to house to prosecute overslept civilians.

Realizing the higher-ups will sack both of them if Dodger keeps maintain his extremely high performance, I.Q High and Star Johnson summons the Martians to form a collaboration to devise the plan to turn Dodger back to his lousy self. After many failed attempt, I.Q High trick Dodger into a garbage tornado in a waste disposal of the space ship to re-toxify him. Eventually, Dodger returns to his old self much to their relief.