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Martian Commander X-2 Marvin, better known as Commander X-2, is the secondary antagonist of Duck Dodgers.

He is the commander of the Martian military as well as Duck Dodgers' arch enemy. He has a crush on the the Martian Queen, whom he serves without question. Despite their many battles, he considers Duck Dodgers to be more of a nuisance than an actual enemy.

He is played by Marvin the Martian, and was voiced by the late Joe Alaskey. He's Voiced by Nanako Mori in the Japanese dub of the show.

His Birthday is On February 13,


As a typical Martian, the Commander's skin is entirely black, and he seems to lack any and all facial features other than a pair of eyes. He usually wears the typical Martian Empire uniform, consisting of a Roman-esque Galeae helmet adorned with a large brush, an armored fauld resembling a skirt and metal armbands. He also wears white gloves and basketball sneakers, a stark contrast to the rest of his uniform. The Commander also has an extensive wardrobe of more casual attire, including gambling suits, golf clothes, hunting outfits (reminiscent of Elmer Fudd) and disco clothes.


Commander X-2 usually presents himself as a figure well deserving of his standing, often concocting deep strategies and attack plans to benefit the Martian Empire and his Queen. In contrast to this, his actual personality can best be described as courteous, reserved and generally nonthreatening, which often leads people to rarely take him seriously. This often exasperates the Commander to the point of anger and hostility, which often causes his plans to fly off the handle. He also nurses a phobia of heights, which he claims resulted from his father dangling him from a balcony to attract the media. He is also openly thoughtful of his Mother, a fact that is implied to annoy her, and often causes his own troops to talk about him behind his back.

The Commander is deeply infatuated with Queen Tyr'ahnee, a fact she seems oblivious to, but the two nonetheless share an open trusting friendship in addition to their positions as Royalty and Servitude. Despite this, she is not above abusing him should his plans backfire and embarrass the Empire.

Though the two share a mutual hatred for each other, the Commander is not above working with Dodgers should the situation call for cooperation, and he is usually the first to recommend it. In contrast, he tends to get along much better with the Cadet, whom he sees as a much more reasonable person.


The Commander is largely based on the existing personality of the Looney Toon he is "portrayed" by, Marvin the Martian. The biggest difference between the two is that Marvin is typically shown acting on his own accord, whereas Commander X-2 is explicitly shown to serve the Martian Empire. The Commander's design is barely modified from Marvin's, removing his red jumpsuit and adding green armbands to his look.


  • The Commander starred in two solo cartoons, which in actuality featured his sidekick K-9 in roles similar to Disney's "Pluto".
    • Dodgers, in a fourth wall breaking moment, declared that the Commander "gets one solo cartoon a season", though despite this he had no solo episode in the show's third and final season.


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