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Counselor Dish (pun "hot dish") is the loyal follower of the Martian Empire's General Z-9. She assisted him in a coup to take over the empire from Tyr'ahnee.

She is voiced by Tara Strong Or In The Japanese Dub She's Voiced by Inori Minase


Dish has the appearance of a fully ambulatory android, bald with metal plating, rings around length of the arms, Purple eyes, a violet markings on her nose and, unlike many other females in the series, has large breasts. She wears a yellow tank top over a, black panties, and gold high heels.


Dish is shown to be highly skilled in combat, vehicular piloting and espionage. She was able to both successfully kidnap the Queen, and easily took out the Instant Martians. Despite this, she was defeated by Tyr'ahnee herself in combat. Dish is highly durable, as seems to survive even after Tyr'ahnee kicks her head off, due to her still being heard yelling when Tyr'ahnee threw her head at General Z-9, though her ultimate fate isn't shown after Z-9 is sent to prison.