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Hungortus (voiced by Daran Norris) is an all powerful monster who feeds on planets. Once he starts eating, he doesn't stop until the planets are no more. He also loves barbecued foods.


Hungortus was seen destroying and then eating an unknown planet.

At Dodgers' ship, I.Q. warned Dodgers and Cadet that Hungortus is coming to Earth for his next meal.

Dodgers, I.Q., and Cadet went to get a lawyer named Flame Valet. They convince that Hungortus should eat Mars.

Commander X2, the Queen of Mars, and a Centurion hired Flame Valet's sister, Counselor Cumbostion to convince that Hungortus should eat Earth.

Hungortus was seen eating asteroids and is now holding a fork and knife. After Flame Valet and Counselor Cumbostion get into a fight, Dodgers gets on Hungortus' face to tell him that Mars should be eaten. When I.Q. sends the Earth protectors to attack Hungortus, their ships blast laser beams, but their not harming him. Hungortus then 'runs' towards the two planets. Dodgers was hoping Mars will be eaten.

The protectors of Earth and Mars convince to save both Earth and Mars by feeding Hungortus so much food, but have to figure out to cook food in such little less time.

When the spaceships of Earth and Mars arrive with huge nets holding food, they dropped them next to Flame Valet and Counselor Cumbostion, causing the food to be cooked immediatley. Hungortus turned around and 'runs' with joy. He jumps in the floating pile of cooked food and stuffs a whole bunch in his mouth (even the mouth on his stomach). Dodgers becomes angry and tells him to 'find his own burger', but Hungortus simply ignores Dodgers and happily munches away, where he'll never destroy (and eat) anymore planets and go hungry again.


  • Eating planets
  • Eating barbecued foods (such as chicken drumsticks, ribs, burgers, meatloafs, corn, corndogs, frankfurters, sausages, steaks, mushrooms, pork, beef, shrimp, etc.)


  • Being hungry