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Robot centurion

The Martian Centurions are a fictional robotic race who serve under the Martian Imperial Army, making up the majority of their forces. Their name is actually a corruption of the Koshallic Sthentlhiurwio'nai, which roughly translates as. 'Metal Hive-Soldier'. This is a fairly good description of the Centurions, who as well as being metal can be very like-minded on occasions, albeit very cowardly as a result.

Though the Centurions loyally serve the Martian Empire, they are far from mindless or totally subserviant. They all tend to exhibit free will and interests, though they share a single personality similar to a Hive-mind, attributed to their shared programming. The Centurions working under Commander X-2 are shown to be at times resentful of their leadership, frequently making jokes at his expense and attempting to undermine his authority. Despite this, they do loyally follow his orders, at least when they feel like it.

The typical Centurion shares a uniform design, consisting of a helmet modeled after that of a typical Martian soldier, a single glowing electronic eye, three-clawed hands that retract into their forearms, a glowing bulb-like spine and no legs, as they all appear to move via anti-gravity. The Centurions working under Z-9 sport a somewhat modified design, featuring golden brushes on their helmet, longer protrustions from their "faces" and barbed bulbs built into their shoulders.

The Centurions all share a single voice, performed by Michael Dorn.