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Nasty Canasta is intergalactic bounty hunter who is also an enemy of Duck Dodgers. He is played by the


character of the same name from the original Looney Tunes series. His voice is provided by Kevin Michael Richardson.


In his first appearance, Canasta is shown to be a bulk man wearing a high-tech bounty hunter suit, until he removes his helmet to reveal that he is a Caucasian male with dark-brown hair and goatee, along with bags under his eyes. While disguised as a robot cowboy, Canasta was seen wearing an outfit similar to his counterpart from the classic Looney Tunes series.


Canasta is known in the galaxy as a tough bounty hunter who won't rest until he finishes the job, unless he encountered a obstacle too difficult to handle.


He made his first appearance in The Wrath of Canasta, where he arrived at the NITE LITE club to locate Duck Dodgers, who was revealed to be on vacation in Robo-World. Canasta then arrives at Robo-World, where he disguises himself as a cowboy robot in order to get Dodgers. Unfortunately, Dodgers was able to defeat him numerous times, due to his belief that Canasta was one of the harmless robots, only for Commander X-2 to reveal that Canasta was real and started chasing Dodgers. Fortunately, "Cadet" is revealed to be a robot, and fires missiles at Canasta, chasing him off into the sunset.

He later made a minor appearance in Duck Departure, when Dodgers mistakes him for his gardener. Canasta tells Dodgers who he really is, and that he is there to get revenge for the Robo-World incident. Later, after Dodgers quits his job, Canasta, along with the other villains, laughed upon hearing that he has other skills beside being a captain.

Canasta made his last appearance in Legion of Duck Doom, where he was one of many villains recruited by Roboto to seek revenge on Dodgers; this time for never paying back five dollars he borrowed, rather than what happened in Robo-World.