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Her true nature

She appears in the same episode as the name she has and stalks men to get them to love her. In that episode, she kidnaps the Cadet to get close to Duck Dodgers.


She harbors an escalating, twisted obsession with Dodgers (a la Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction), who is just one of several men that she has stalked. After Duck Dodgers didn't want to have a relationship, she says Dodgers is like other men and then tries to kill him.


She was a new female cadet who was apparently assigned to assist Duck Dodgers after the old one was apparently transferred, but in truth, she had kidnapped the old cadet and taken his place in order to get close to Dodgers. By the end of the episode, she is over her obsession with Dodgers and has a new target: The Martian Commander.


She has amazing combat abilities, shown in the episode when she takes over a whole martian tank. After


Her real name is Vanessa Janet Scully.


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