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Queen Tyr'ahnee Mirkin, better known as the Martian Queen and/or The Queen of Mars, is the main antagonist-turned-heroine and secondary protagonist of Duck Dodgers. She is royal leader of the Martian Empire and ruler of Mars.

Despite being his enemy, she is in love with Duck Dodgers, saying that he is brave and heroic, while simultaneously cursing him for his constant role in thwarting her plans of conquest. Despite this, she usually fails to recognize Dodgers' actual level of incompetence, ironically making her his biggest fan. The Martian Commander X-2 would do anything for her, both out of loyalty and a deep-rooted infatuation with her, and in turn she treats him as her closest trustee and servant. Towards the end of the series, she agreed to marry Commander X-2 following a daring rescue, but ultimately rejected him during their wedding as she realized she was still in love with Dodgers, having not quite got over her feelings for him.

Queen Tyr'ahnee was voiced by Tia Carrere and in the Japanese dub by Sakiko Tamagawa.



Reina de Marte (01)

Full body view of Tyr'ahnee

Tyr'ahnee has the appearance of a beautiful young woman with black skin, mid-back length or waist-length white hair, purple eyes, no visible mouth, a violet marking across her nose and she has a curvy Feminine figure.

She mostly wears an outfit reminiscent of ancient Egyptian royalty, featuring a golden bikini top connected to a big golden necklace, a semi-translucent Light purple skirt with a golden belt that has a green gemstone in the middle and matching purple high heels.


Tyr'ahnee was first seen in the series premiere, "The Trial of Duck Dodgers", and due to a misconception, she believes that Duck Dodgers is what he claims to be - the most brilliant tactical mind in the universe.

By the episode "To Love a Duck", Tyr'ahnee has an obvious crush on Dodgers, and so has him captured because she wants him to be her king and husband. This upsets X-2, who has a crush on the Queen himself. In the series of tests the Queen organizes for Dodgers to prove his worthiness, X-2 continually tries to harm Dodgers' progress, but to no avail. Eventually, X-2 tricks Dodgers into abandoning the idea by lying to him about the duties the King of Mars would have while she tells him that he will have power, wealth and glory beyond his wildest dreams, X-2 lies that Dodgers will instead only have to oversee methane farming operations on another planet, which disgusts Dodgers enough to call his future bride and say "the wedding is off".

Tyr'ahnee is very upset about being abandoned at the altar, and in a later episode, "The Queen Is Wild", she tries to lure Dodgers into being killed by kidnapping the Eager Young Space Cadet. In the end, though, Tyr'ahnee spares Dodgers, as she still has feelings for him.

Despite his rejection, Tyr'ahnee apparently still has a crush on Dodgers, even after being told by I.Q. Hi that he's not exactly what she sees him as ("Deconstructing Dodgers"). However, as of the two-part episode "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace", she is briefly removed from power by the power-hungry Martian General Z-9 and his robotic assistant, Councillor Dish.

During the second part of the two-part episode "Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace", when Mars was liberated by Commander X-2 and Duck Dodgers, she became aware of X-2's crush on her. X-2 then proposed to her, in which she gladly accepted. They planned to wed in the episode "Till Doom Do Us Part". By the end of the episode, though, her rather strong feelings for Dodgers are rekindled, and she cancels the wedding, leaving X-2 immensely heartbroken at the altar. Tyr'ahnee attempts to propose to Dodgers again. Dodgers, however, still has no interest in her, and when he tells her that, she responds by calling off the ceasefire between Earth and Mars.

During an interview in the series finale "Bonafide Hero: Captain Duck Dodgers", she says that she still loves Duck Dodgers in spite of being rejected twice by him, while vowing at the same time that he won't know her feelings for him.


Despite her royal status, the Queen is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, strategy and ship navigation. She is debatably the most competent and capable figure in the entire Martian Empire, but typically leaves all matters of warfare to her subjects. She is also a talented Jazz singer, as shown in the episode "Talent Show A Go-Go" when she sang a rousing rendition of the song "Blues in the Night".

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  • The Queen's name Tyr'ahnee is a pun on "tyranny". Her name is rarely mentioned throughout the series though as she is typically referred to simple as "Queen".
  • Like all Martians, Queen Tyr'ahnee speaks with an eloquent English accent. In times of heavy stress or confusion however, her voice briefly shifts to that of an American "valley girl" tone Or In The Japanese Her Accent Was replaced By elegant Japanese Accent
  • Queen Tyr'ahnee inverts a common villain-related plot device, of male villains wanting female heroes to be their queens in their world domination schemes.


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