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They Stole Dodgers' Brain is the first part of the eighth episode of season 1 of Duck Dodgers.


Commander X-2 announces he plans to steal Duck Dodgers' brain and replace it with a mechanical mind, which will allow the hero to function on a rudimentary level while unlocking his secrets.

Meanwhile, at The Nite Lite bar, Duck Dodgers falls in love with a woman named Cassiopeia, who performs "Space Angel". After her show, he walks into her dressing room to try and impress her. She is unimpressed by Dodgers' foul odor, but he presses on. She purposefully lights her wig on fire, so Dodgers pours a water tank filled with space leeches on her. Dodgers tries to get them off her by swatting her with a broom. When she screams for security, Dodgers escapes from the dressing room into a vacant bathroom, which Commander sprays a sleeping gas into.

Back on the Martian ship, Commander is successfully able to extract Dodgers' brain. Dodgers is returned to the bathroom, where he realizes "my mind feels so clear." He notices the mechanical mind on his head, though he has no idea where it came from and simply believes that it's a hat, starting a running gag throughout the short. Dodgers returns to his ship, where PSY-Q HI reveals that the brain of one of their captains has been stolen. He also believes that the mechanical brain is simply a cool hat.

Commander X-2 shrinks his ship and enters the disembodied brain, only to find nothing inside. He is attacked by fat globules and has to retreat. Dodgers and the Space Cadet have made their way into the Martian ship and are dismantling his robot soldiers. In response, Commander X-2 puts on a special helmet which shrinks him small enough to enter Dodgers' mind for a second time. Turns out, Dodgers' intelligence cortex consists of Dodgers and Cassiopeias singing "Space Angel". During the song, Commander X-2 began to suffer from the effect as he was being tortured by Dodgers to the point where Commander X-2 snaps and returns to the real world while singing the song. Dodgers and the Space Cadet order the Martian to unhand the brain, which Commander X-2 does willingly, plus giving him other stuff as he told them to leave. Their mission accomplished, the two return to the ship, with Dodgers still oblivious to the fact that the brain is his as Cadet realizes it but didn't say a word.


  • The scene where Dodger (with the mechanical mind) encountered Cassiopeia and apologize for the leeches, and gaining a following due to his newly required intelligence was removed in some media.
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